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Does your Portfolio can beat inflation in current Market Scenario?

Analyst Says – if our savings grow at a rate lower than inflation, the real value of our savings is actually coming down

Is your portfolio is healthy in terms of :

(a) Are you adequately insured?
Analyst Says – “You should be covered 15-20 times of your annual income.
(b) Have you planned for your Golden Years
Analyst Says – “Must have sufficient Funds beating inflation for your second half?”
(c) Have you planned for Child Future Course of Action?
Analyst Says – “You Must Plan when Your he/she is between 0-3.
(d) Have you planned for Emergency Fund Requirement?
Analyst Says – “You must have liquidity fund at-least 20% of your annual income at any point of time”

Do you know people buy mediclaim according to their employment?

Analyst Says – “It should not linked with your employment but it should be personal and linked with your Whole Life considering all family member.”