Best child plan in insurance policy

An Introduction to child plan

Do you dream to give your child the freedom and choice to………

Acquire an education of his/her choice?
Opt for even a new – age career which demand a longer time to gain ground (or, which take a longer time to for established)?
Make key career or personal decisions without worrying about the money factor?
Have a fairytale wedding?
Fulfill all his wishes during childhood and teenage years?

Irrespective of the type of dream, you will surely agree that all dream come with a price tag. Add to it inflation and other financial commitments and you will realize that you need nothing less them a fortune to ensure your child future. Child Insurance plans aim to do exactly that by helping you create a financial corpus to meet your child’s future needs.

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Life is Uncertain and unpredictable

you never know what lies the future an untimely death can seriously hamper your child’s futures with children insurance plans, You can be rest assured that there is financial support for your child in case of any eventually.

You Don’t Want Your Child To Let Go Of His Dreams

Having the right amount of money at right time is crucial lack of finances at critical stages in four child’s early life can put his/her career off – track.

To battle inflation

Inflation can eat into your savings. A professional Course that costs Rs.5 lakh today would cost more in the future.

Inflation effect on cost of education


Note: Inflation rate assumed at the rate 6% Per annum, future value rounded to the nearest thousand


To over Come the reducing power of the rupee

With inflation on the rise, your money’s purchasing Power is on a Steady decline. it is thus necessary to invest in a way that your buying capacity is in sync with changing times.

Diminishing values of Rupees values of Rs, 5,00,000 in next 40 years.


Notes: Inflation rate assumed at the rate of 6% per annum. Future value Rounded to the nearest thousand.

Planning, saving and investing early via child life insurance plan will enable you to:

Enjoy a longer investment period

Investing Small amounts of money at regular intervals over a longer period of time can help you build a bigger corpus for you child.

Enjoy the benefits of compounding

Invest early and let your money grow rapidly, by earning interest on returns earned, with the magic of compounding.

Invest today Invest after 10 years
Annual investment Rs. 10000 Rs. 20000
Age at which you begin 30 years 40 years
At age 50 years
Total Investment Rs. 200000 Rs. 200000
Wealth built Rs. 494000 Rs. 313000
Difference of 57.83%

Note: Rate of return assumed at the rate of 8% Per annum.

Invest with a goal

Setting financial goals is an important aspect of financial planning. chalk out the stages in your child’s life; calculate when and how much money this stage. Buy a child plan accordingly.


Earn real returns

you should take in to account the rate of inflation while assessing the rate of return on your enjoying a decent rate of return on your investments, it would be futile if the inflation rate is higher than the returns Real returns is higher is anything you earn above inflation rate. Make a wise decision; choose an investment option that lets you earn more than the prevailing inflation.

Real returns = Investment return – Inflation

Invest regularly

Regular investment in children plans not only reduces financial burden but also help you tide over market volatility. You get a chance to invest money, both in the high and lows of market, thus averaging out any volatility.

By using child life insurance policy as the route to fulfill your dreams, you are able to:

Provide financial security for your child even on your death you can rest assured that your child lives on to see his dreams come true even if you are no longer around.

Accumulate a corpus that will enable realization of all dreams the plan will make sure that sure that lack of finance doesn’t come between your child and his dreams.

Enjoy tax – benefits

Investment in child plans can let you enjoy tax benefits under section 80C and 10(10D) of Income Tax Act, 1961.

Enjoy dual benefits of insurance as well as real returns. The premiums you pay are invested into financial instruments, which are actively managed by experts to help you more earn from the policy.

Use market highs and lows to your advantage. By paying premiums regularly you can swing the high and lows of the market to your advantage.

Provide for a higher financial security through ‘riders’ Riders let you enjoy more from the life insurance plan and will provide additional financial security in the unfortunate event of your death or disability.

Option of placing the policy as collateral to raise a loan. The plan also makes you eligible for loan after a lock – in period. Your policy will be the collateral against the loan.

Create a bigger corpus for your child’s future Timely investments can assure higher funds for your child’s future, be it his/her education or marriage.

Let your money grow along with your child with inflation on the rise, your saving for your child plan is a prudent way to ensure that your money grows with time.

As a caring parent you would always want your child to get the very best. To ensure that you fulfill dreams that may have for your loved ones, financial planning for their secured future is very important.

At Grace Solution, we understand that. That’s why we present you of child plans so that you fulfill dreams one that Suits your and your child’s needs best. Our plans are as accommodating as you are for your child. Celebrate Life.