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As the name suggests, home purchase loan is taken for purchasing a ready to move-in or a under construction house by mortgaging the same to the bank. The amount of loan is decided by bank on the basis of income of the customer and the purchase value as well as market value of the property. The property to be purchased should legally and technically be acceptable for the purpose of creating mortgage.

The most important factors in home purchase loan are Loan to Value (LTV) ratio and income eligibility. LTV ratio (expressed in percentage) is the ratio of the required loan amount to the market value of the property being purchased. The other important factor i.e. income eligibility decides how much loan can be extended to a potential borrower on the basis of his income.

Interest rates on home loan can be low which depends on aspects like total amount of loan applied for, customer’s profession, maximum period of repayment etc. For the purchase of under construction property, the property is required to be under the construction by an approved developer and an approved project of the bank.

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As you know that when you buy any property. You do N numbers of search to find the best dream home. Same way when you book you home you require home loan.

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These all steps a customer’s do by himself but we don’t charge anything for it and results of this process will be:-