Term Plan Comparison

An Introduction to Insurance Cover

Securing yours Family’s wellbeing is one of the most important goals of life. Insurance protection plans help you secure your loved one’s future against life’s uncertainties and put them on a safe track.

Your untimely death can cause a major setback to your family, both emotionally as well as finically, especially if you are the sole the breadwinner. With a term life insurance policy, you can ensure family’s financial independence in case anything untoward happens to you. Besides, terms plans are cost-effective too , as they focus on providing only life cover and no. returns.

A term life Insurance policy, huts set’s you free from the worries of what will happen to your loved. ones In your absence, letting your family and you enjoy life with peace of mind.

With protection plans you can give your family-

Financial security.
Emotional wellbeing.
Freedom From the burden of debt.
Guarantee of a life with dignity and self-respect.

Protect first, build next……….



Protecting your future against misfortune should be the first step in financial planning. once you have secured the future well, you can then look at creating an investment portfolio that will let you archive your financial goals. in other words, you should first take care of your protection needs before you set-aside funds for savings, investments or expenditure.

The following table depicts the premium payable by two non-smoking individuals (males) of different ages to avail of a term cover of 25 lakh for 15 years.

Age Insurance Cover Term (years) Premium Payable ( )
30 Years 25 lakh 15 3,557
40 Years 25 lakh 15 6,011

For the same insurance cover, the younger person pays lesser premium. the earlier you start the better.

Though term plans the biggest gift that you and your family receive is the freedom financial worries. A term plan enables you to give your family.

Financial Security

your untimely death may deprive your dependants of emotional security. but, your timely and wise decision of choosing a term plan will surelu not rob them of fincial stability, even when you you are no longer around.

A Debt – Free existence



You wouldn’t want to burden your family with the responsibility of repaying your loans, should anything unfortunate happen to you. Don’t let misfortunate snatch away your family’s happiness. In case of your untimely death, the benefits under your loan protection plan would be sufficient enough for repaying your loans, including your home loan. with a home loan protection plan, you can ensure that your family continues to own the house that you so family you so fondly purchased for them.


Freedom to live your dreams

you wouldn’t want anything to come in between your dear ones and their dreams, with term plan they continue to enjoy finical independence and live heir dreams even if you are not around to support them.

Enhanced protection through riders

Riders enhance your insurance cover and are optional benefits that you may add to your term plan policy; you can avil of the following riders –

Critical Illness Benefit This rider lets you enjoy greater financial stability against chronic diseases such as heart attacks, cancer, stroke, Coronary Artery By – pass Graft (CABG) surgery, kidney failure, major organ transplants, paralysis, loss of limbs, heart value surgery and blindness.
Accidental Death Benefit Opting for this rider can render enhanced financial security to your loved ones. In the event of your unfortunate demise arising due to an accident insurance policy, an additional amount (Accidental Death Benefit Sum Assured) is Payable.
permanent Disability Benefit This benefit provides Basic sum assured to the life insured person in case he/she becomes totally and permanently disabled due to an accident.

Tax Benefits

Investment in life insurance plans can let you enjoy tax benefits under section 80C and 10 (10D) of Income Tax Act, 1961. As per section 80C premium paid up to Rs.1 lakh (provided the premium paid is less than or equal to 20 percent of the sum assured on the policy ) can be deducted from your taxable income under section 10 (10D), the life insurance process’s receivable does not attract any tax in the hands of the recipients.

Get more for less

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A monthly premium of only ‘319 can
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Protection plans are low cost insurance plans which are specially designed two provide full Protection & finanical stability to your family in case of any unforeseen events.

All life insurance company presents range of attractive protections plans so that you can continue to celebrate life withoout worrying about the Uncertainities of lifes……..