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Travel Tips

In our busy life, there is hardly any time to relax and take a chill pill. Everyday tensions keep on hovering over our mind. To avoid much strain, we opt for a change and often decide to go for a holiday. We should therefore opt for a holiday at least twice a year. A holiday rejuvenates us. It gives us the much needed break from our day to day busy schedule. Everybody looks for a great holiday to spend quality time with family or friends and explore new beautiful destinations. But sometimes holidays, if not well planned, may result in unfavourable circumstances. Our busy lives prevent us to plan out our holiday in an organised manner. So we have come up with ten quick tips that will make your trip more memorable. . If you are going abroad for the first time, these tips are a necessary. While if you are an expert and have adequate knowledge of visiting a foreign country, these tips can be really helpful to make your trip a better one. When things fall into its appropriate places, the joy of every happy moment just gets better. If these tips are followed properly, it is for sure that your holiday would be a bed of roses. Since we care for you, we give you the crucial tips that would make your holiday, a perfect one. We would be updating the tips from time to time for your convenience and would encourage you to share your experiences with us as well.

These are 10 travel tips for you that will make your holiday trip a life time memorable one:

1. Fewer Luggages makes you feel light: It is very important to carry light and less luggage as much as possible. With less luggage, it will be easier for you to avoid the hassles of carrying a burden on your shoulders which would result in making you feel tired.

2. Culture: Before reaching your dream destination, it would be great if you are knowledgeable about the culture of that particular place. This would enable you to adjust to the ways of life over there. You won’t be having the danger of running into trouble of unknowingly violating the customs of their culture.

3. Donot invite unnecessary problems: It is very important to dress up properly, keeping in mind the tradition and customs of the country. If the country is conservative, then wearing ‘over-exposed’ clothes, especially for women, might lead to some problem.

4. Absorb the best: Hiring a guide would be a very wise thing to do. It would be easier to know the interesting facts, history, culture, food habits, traditions etc though a guide. This would not only make your trip to remember but will also enrich your knowledge about that country.

5. Unrecognised location: While you are with your family, it is advisable to visit the places of high interest, rather than going to places that are desolate in nature. Who knows, problem can come anytime making your trip a forgetful one.

6. Carry less expensive things: In some other country, it would be preferable not to be decked with expensive jewellery or wear any expensive accessories. If something goes wrong, there will be very less people who can help you out.

7. No direct photography: This is one tip that should be strictly kept in mind. During your trip, you should be aware whether the particular place permits photography or not. Do not take direct photograph before confirming the permission, if required

8. Language familiarity: It would be great if you can learn the local language, at least in bits and pieces. This would not only help you to order food at the restaurants but also aid you in your communication with the people over there.

9. Fooding: If you are visiting a country where there the availability of vegetarian food is difficult. For example, if you are visiting a gulf country, the food, whether it’s a proper restaurant or even street food, is generally non-vegetarian food. So if you are a vegetarian, check the food before consumption.

10. Special care for the special ones: Special arrangement should be made if you have an elderly person along with you. The places you plan to travel should be convenient for the elderly person. Same goes for the kids in your family. They need extra comfort, so make sure you provide them in plenty.

How To Plan Your Tour

Planning out things is always the best thing to do. Planning a tour is as crucial as planning out any other important thing. Proper planning results in successful execution of the tour. Right from the passport related issues to weather issues of the particular country is very important. A haphazard plan leads you in lot of confusions. While if your tour is well organised, you are always ready to face any kind of emergencies that might creep into your dream tour. If the planning part is done in an organised way, then your tour will be a life time experience! We tracked down some of the ways and tips of how to plan your tour well in advance. These tips will ensure the safety and happiness of your loved ones travelling along with you and will ensure a brilliant memorable tour.

These are 10 tips of how to you should plan your tour:

1. Happy journey: Checking the convenience of your journey is the first thing you should look into while planning your dream tour. Find out through which place it is appropriate to reach your destination which would make your tour most convenient and comfortable.

2. Weather: Inspect if the weather of the concerned country will suit you and your family or not. If the weather has chances creating health hazards, take necessary steps in advance or try to time your tour, according to your suitable weather conditions.

3. Currency: You should have knowledge about the respective country’s currency. Before leaving for the destination, you can go to any foreign exchange agency or even at the airport there are exchange counters.

4. Internal country problems: It is vital to track if there are any internal problems going on in the country where you are planning to visit. It can be political disorder or any other constraints as well

5. Verification of passport: When we travel to any foreign country, the passport is your only main identity. Check before you leave, if all the documents, visa and passport related issues are in place or not. Any doubts should instantly be cleared off instantly, before leaving.

6. Home security: Your dream tour would definitely take some time. So your house would be empty for a long period of time. Ensure the security of your home, while you are away.

7. Mobile roaming: You should check and have knowledge about your mobile phone’s roaming charges from the service provider. This would enable you to keep a track of your phone bills while you are at your favourite destination.

8. Special Occasion: Check if there is any ongoing occasion in the country which is supposed to be visited by you and your loved ones. If you choose to experience that occasion, plan out your activities according to the places and timings you would visit.

9. Helping hand: You should have information about the Indian Embassy in that country. If you face any kind of serious problem, then you visit the Indian Embassy for help.

10. Financial planning: Before the enjoyment begins, chalk the overall expenses that are mandatory. Apart from the necessary expenses, plan out an overall budget for the whole tour. Also make sure to keep adequate amount in in your debit and credit cards along with the customer care contact numbers, keeping aside an appropriate amount of cash for emergencies and safety.

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